vaishno devi temple
vaishno devi temple

Vaishno Devi is one of the most sacred shrines in our country. How to make the Govinda Nama memorial to the Tirupati hill climb here, the hill pilgrims can also commemorate the devotees of the Jai Matha di. Bhavan is the place where the temple is located. Before going to visit, you should take a coupon to go through the fence. Those who have taken the coupon should walk through the front door of the hour. After we go up, show the coupon and take the batch number. According to that number go to visit.

vaishno devi temple images
Vaishno Devi temple images

Katra to Vaishno Devi temple distance

Vaishno Devi Temple is situated at a place called Katra at the foot of the Tikuta hills, about 48 km from Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir. Mata Vaishno Devi was buried in the cave of the Trikuta. Underground scientists have reported that this cottage has been in existence years ago. To reach the temple Katra to Vaishno Devi temple, you must reach the distance of 14 km and distance. There are horses and dollies for those who do not count. The devotees who visit him as the goddess of the three devotees are Shri Mata Vaishno Devi. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra railway station in Katra.

shri mata vaishno devi railway station katra
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi railway station Katra

Vaishno Devi Temple History

The history of Maa Vaishno Devi, Sriramuni dates back to the time of Threthayug. Mahalaxmi, Mahakali and Maha Saraswathi wanted to evolve a divine power from their charisma to save the people in the past. With their will, there is a beautiful young woman coming there. They are said to be the daughter of Lord Vishnu as Ratnakasagar, the daughter of Dharma, in the earthly land, and then united in Sri Maha Vishnu after coming to a higher level.

According to those great orders, the girl who was the daughter of Ratnakara Sagar was named Vaishnavi. At that time, Rameshwaram, in the southern Indian state was ruled by Rathnakasagar. From his youngest daughter to his devotees, she was devoted to the devotion of the devotee and sat on the shore of this sea and prayed about the Vishnu and began to penance. One day Lord Rama came to Rameshwaram to get his wife Sita Devi from Ravana jail to cross the ocean.

vaishno devi
Vaishno Devi

One day Lord Rama came to Rameshwaram to get his wife Sita Devi from Ravana jail to cross the ocean. Lord Ram is known to as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and went to Sri Rama and asked him to embrace her. Sri Rama Chandra is not an appropriate time for him to come back to Vaishnavi Devi after her wilderness and she will find that if she finds herself, she will unite in her. Thus, Sri Ramachandra returned to Ayodhya at Ravana, in the wilderness and came to her as an old man. But at that time, Vaishnavi could not recognize him. That is why he did not want to be united in the Lord.

Srirama said to Vaishnavi, you have come to this earth to fulfill a special task. Therefore, you are on the jambu place, on the trellis in the Himalayas, and to bless the devotees who visit you. I will marry you upcoming kali yuga. According to Sri Rama, Vaishnavi Devi is devoted to the devotees on the trekking hill.

There is a village under the temple of Amma. In that village, a devotee of Sridhara, a devotee of Lord Vaishnavi, was living. He is a devotee of Lord Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi Devi appeared in the form of a girl for Sridharam and said, ‘Make dinner for your home to the village people tomorrow. You will be blessed. ‘ That is disillusioned. As soon as the girl said, he went out and told all the villagers that they would arrange a dinner at his house tomorrow.

He also told them in the neighboring town, not only in his town. Everyone was surprised that this poor man was going to prepare dinner for everyone. Near the town, there is a Yogi Ashram, a BhairavaNadh. He and his disciples were also called to the dinner. He told to Sridhar mockingly that how you can prepare to dinner for everybody.

vaishno devi temple jammu kashmir
Vaishno Devi temple Jammu Kashmir

By the time of the dinner, all were invited, including Bhairavnadh. Vaishnavi Devi appeared before Sridhar. He told everyone to be invited into the home. Sridharan’s house is a small puri cuisine. He invited everyone to home. Surprisingly, each one came in. Besides being able to sit in the comfort of the house, there is enough space for some more people to sit. Meanwhile, they had all their meals at the moment of the glory of Goddess. All people have eaten food was satisfied with happiness.

Bhairava, looking at all that was going on, asked her to be a nonvegetarian and an alcoholic beverage. Bhairava, looking at all that was going on, asked her to be a vegetarian and an alcoholic beverage. He was caught by an unbearable goddess woman. But she could not find his hand and went away. Sridhar house was held at the feast and is known as Bhoomika Mandir. The Bhairavanadh chased her. Bhairava did not stop chasing her. Vaishnavi Devi cuts his head at Trikuta mountain.

Bhairav’s head fell on a mountain peak a little longer. Then Bhairava discovers his mistake and devotes Vaishnavi Devi temple to forgive Devi. The devotees will see that their devotees will see Bhairavas after his dream, and then their journey will end. Then the Vaishno Devi Mata Mandir is going to be on that hill.

Vaishno Devi temple best time to visit

Every year 8 million people visit this temple. Every year March and April, September and Octer make ustav grandly. It is the best time to visit the temple. Vaishno Devi Mandir live darshan video also give in televisions.

Vaishno Devi Temple Timings

5:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
4:00 P.M. –   9:00 P.M.

Vaishno Devi Temple Address

Katra-Reasi Rd,
Bhavan, Katra,
Jammu and Kashmir -182301.

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