Savitri temple
Savitri temple

Savitri temple, Pushkar is a town located in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan state, located about 14 km from the city of Ajmer. The Savitri Temple is located on a small hillock at a distance of 5 km south of Pushkar Lake. The temple is located behind the Brahma Temple. The temple is visible from the Pushkar Lake. The temple was built on the Ratnagiri Hill in the year 1690. Ajat Singh, who ruled Marwan, played the game. This temple has a path from the middle of the hills.

When Brahma was living in Pushkar, he was once a great way to do it. Then his wife Savitri went to them Yagna to pick up quickly. She was looking forward to coming up with her earrings. Meanwhile, Yajna fell near the Holy Prophet. Indra then brought a sculpture and first introduced her to a cow, named Gayatri for the virgin who rose from the face of the cow and sat next to Brahma. Lord Shiva had objected to this, and he said that he would build a temple in the Pushkar. Sitting beside Gayatri, he finished the yajna Bahamdeva. Savitri came within this and cursed and angered that Brahma would not be in the puja. Brahma cursed Savitri again. She had gone away.

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Savitri temple images
Savitri temple images

Savitri temple

Pushkar has 400 sanctuaries. The vast majority of the sanctuaries are not exceptionally old in light of the fact that numerous sanctuaries were demolished amid Muslim successes in the territory. In this manner, the pulverized sanctuaries were remade. The most acclaimed among all is the Brahma Temple worked amid the fourteenth century. Not very many sanctuaries to Lord Brahma exist somewhere else on the planet. Different sanctuaries of Brahma incorporate Bithoor in Uttar Pradesh, Khedbrahma in Gujarat, town Asotra of Barmer region in Rajasthan; UttamarKovil (one of the DivyaDesams) close Srirangam; Mother Temple of Besakih in Bali, Indonesia; and Prambanan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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