Dasuya village
Dasuya village

Pandav Sarovar…Dasuha is an ancient site, which is about 40 km away from Hoshiarpur district in the state of Punjab. This place is famous for its distinguishing time from the Mahabharata period. The local tradition is to worship the “piece” (the Pandavas are the weapons of massage) at the time of the marriage of the locals. There is a savor here. It was revealed that Bhima had just thrown away.

Thus, this pond is known as the Pandav Sarovar. It was revived by the government and designed as a tourist destination. There is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva in the middle of this sanctum. Bhimasaravaram is very exuberant with pond artful lashes. Baba Balaknath, Shiva and Lakshminarayana Swamyaras were built around this serovar.

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Pandav Sarovar
Pandav Sarovar

Pandav Sarovar

The town of DASUYA goes back to the period of “MAHABHARATA” where it was known as VIRAAT NAGRI and PANDAS invested the energy of their outcast. Considered an old water tank consecrated in Hinduism. Water in Sarovar is spotless. The view was glorious and the territory is very colossal. This is where Pandavas took a plunge after the epic war, which executed all their Kaurava cousins. It has a little sanctuary which is likewise great kept up. All the more as of late, Dasuya highlighted in faces off regarding identified with the development of Himachal Pradesh.

Verma has noticed that “Maybe no other State of India has endured the same number of regional and political changes as of late as the Punjab”. Inside the procedure of the phonetic rearrangement of states, the claim that Dasuya ought to be consolidated into Himachal Pradesh in light of the fact that it was the home of Dogras was rejected on the grounds that that point was insignificant to the semantic issue.

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