Lord Mangesh
Lord Mangesh

Mangueshi temple …Mangueshi temple is situated at a distance of 5.k.m from Ponda in Goa. This is the oldest Siva temple lying in between hills. In all Siva temples, Siva looks in Linga form. But, in this temple, Swamy is in statue form. In this temple Swamy’s name is Mangeshwer. This temple was built in Shivaji’s time. During the attack of Mohammedans, this temple faced some damaged. But it was renovated to its old glory during 18th and 19th centuries.

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Mangueshi temple
Mangueshi temple

Mangueshi Temple History

The sanctuary shows an amalgam of rich history, culture, and design magnificence. Its tall and great ‘Deepstambha’, the most astounding light pinnacle in Goa is a historical point which is to a great degree wonderful to take a gander at. At the point when lit with the customary oil lights amid the nights, its relieving impact on an impassioned enthusiast is a world in itself.

The first site of the sanctuary devoted to this divinity was Kushasthali or Kutthal (Modern Cortalim) in the Mormugao Taluka of today. It existed at Kushasthal for a considerable length of time until the point when 1560 of every a heavenly sanctuary known for its riches and radiance and was set up and oversaw by 24 families (Vangods) of Gaud Saraswat Brahmins of Vatsa and Kaundinya gotras. In 1560, reckoning the attack of the Portuguese and tainting of the divinity in the year when the famous Inquisition was built up at Old Goa, the previously mentioned aficionados of Mangesh or Mangirish and its Parivar devotees moved the Shivaling of Mangesh and its Parivar devotees to Ponda Taluka which was outside the Portuguese domain in the sixteenth century.

Where they moved their god was Priol, an excellent town of Ponda taluka. The structure was a little sanctuary secured with coconut leaves, upheld by trunks of betelnut leaves and mud. The first sanctuary of Mangesh at Cortalim was crushed by the Portuguese in 1567 and a congregation came up there. In 1744 when it was remade it was upheld by wooden columns. At that point by and by its remodel work started in October 1888 and the sanctuary was prepared in its revamped frame in April 1890. Again it went into renovating in 1973. Dev Sharma was the precursor of the aficionados of Lord Mangesh of the Vasta Gotra.

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Mangueshi Temple Timings

Mangeshi temple timingsOpening/Closing
6.00 a.mOpening
1.00 p.m.Closed
2.00 p.m.Open
10.00 p.m.Closing

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