Manasa devi Temple
Manasa devi Temple

Manasa Devi temple timings…Mansa Devi is located about 10 kilometers from Chandigarh in the state of Haryana. The oldest Mansa Devi temple is here. The temple is famous for its power and power. The deity of the temple is ours. The oldest mansions of this ancient temple are about 1200 years old. In the 8th century, the temple of Bapu Singh, who ruled Hawthorne, is known to have built a shrine. This is very beautiful. The temple is always crowded with devotees. In this shrine, the idols of Lakshmi and Vaishnavi Devi are also worshiped. The temple also houses statues of Ganapati, Subramanya Swami, and Mahavir. Each year, the Mela in the month of Festival is a gathering of devotees across the country.

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Manasa Devi Temple History

The then Maharaja of Patiala, Sh. Karam Singh got the Patiala sanctuary developed around 200 meters far from the primary sanctuary in the year 1840.

Manasa Devi Temple photos, Manasa Devi Temple Timings
Manasa Devi Temple photos, Manasa Devi Temple Timings

This sanctuary was belittled by the Manimajra State. Shockingly, the sanctuaries stayed ignored after the royal states were blended bringing about the closure of the State Government’s support. This is the point at which a pujari was named as the ‘Khidmatuzar’ of the sanctuary to offer supplications to the divinity of the sanctuary.

Situated in the Bilaspur town, Mansa Devi sanctuary sees crowds of aficionados going to the sanctuary from India as well as from over the world particularly amid Navaratri. The Bilaspur town where this sanctuary is found is only three kilometers towards the east of Mani Manjra that borders Chandigarh. It is firmly trusted that Goddess Mansa, to whom this sanctuary is committed, is a capable Goddess who satisfies the desires of aficionados.

Manasa Devi & Manasa Devi Temple Timings

Manasa Devi temple timings…Today, the sanctuary has a marble icon of Goddess Mansa yet prior the entire ‘sand’ shaped the ‘Pindi’ that incorporates Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Laxmi also. It was this Holy ‘sand’ was loved. The starting trimmings that decorate the Goddess icon renders it much all the more beguiling and adds more otherworldly interest to it. These adornments are particularly utilized amid celebrations and pujas.

Mata Parvati demanded that the mystery of everlasting status be uncovered to her however Shiva Ji continued deferring this for long. At last, Lord Shiva chose to reveal to Ma Parvati the mystery. H began disclosing the mystery of eternality at a devastating put where no people could hear it. This desolate place was the Amarnath buckle.

The rich inheritance of this sanctuary pulls in Archeologists and historicists that visit this sanctuary at whatever point they make a visit to Chandigarh. The engineering that is wonderful and refined has its underlying foundations in the Shivalik foundation. Excellent artworks of hallowed places embellish the dividers of this sanctuary. A deep sense of being can be found in all aspects of the sanctuary.

Have tremendous enthusiasm to visit the Mansa Devi Temple, when they are visiting through Chandigarh because of the inheritance of the sanctuary. The dividers of the sanctuary are delightfully embellished with artistic creations of holy places. There is confirmation to help the way that Mansa Devi sanctuary was worked in the Panchayantan design. This sanctuary must be gone to by anybody going by Chandigarh. Manasa Devi temple timings are given below.

Manasa Devi Temple Timings

Manasa Devi Temple TimingsOpening/Closing
Morning 4.00 a.mOpening
Afternoon 1.00 p.m.close
Afternoon 2.00 p.moped
Night 10.00 p.m.closed

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