Malinithan temple Arunachal Pradesh
Malinithan temple Arunachal Pradesh

Malinithan Temple…The Malinithan Temple is located on the hill at Likabali in the Siang hill region of western Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. This is a very ancient temple. Historians believe that the temple dates back to the 14th century. The excavations here include important idols such as Iron, Sun, etc. She has kidnapped Srikrishna Rukmini from mythological narrative and saved her from infancy. Srikrishna and Rukmini were invited to the temple by Parvati Devi. Parvati Devi is called ‘Malini Devi’ here. The temple was created by that name.

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Malinithan temple
Malinithan temple

Malinithan temple

Guwahati can be reached by bus from here. The Malinithan Mandir is also known as Aaksyagamga Temple. This shrine is about 12 km away from Malanithan. Malinithan is located west of the Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. Devata Durgadevi in the Malinithan Temple. Those who wish to take part in the pilgrimage in India visit this temple. The temple was built in the traditional way of Orissa. Many devotees visit this temple and pray to Durgadevi to fulfill their wishes. In some cases, festivals are held in the temple.

Malinithan is a sanctuary site in ruins situated in the northeastern territory of Arunachal Pradesh in India. Malinithan in Arunachal Pradesh is arranged at the foot of the Siang slopes under the Likabali Sub-Division of West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. Malinithan is a blessed place of love went to by the tremendous number of guests and explorers consistently. In days of Dasara festivals, a lot of people visit this temple.

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