mahalakshmi temple kolhapur
mahalakshmi temple kolhapur

Mahalakshmi Temple, Meeraj is a junction station on the railway line from Hubli in Karnataka to Pune in Maharashtra. Kolhapur is about 48 km west of Meeraj. Not only in Maharashtra, Kolhapur is one of the oldest cities in India. Kolhapur is one of the shakti peeth of Sri Mahalakshmi. Here is the Mahalakshmi Goddess Called Bhavani. This mother is also known as Karaviravasi, Amaladevi. Here are the statues of Saraswati and Mahakali.

mahalakshmi temple images
Mahalakshmi temple images

There is historical evidence that the town of Kolhapur is from the time of Christ. There are some big and small temples around the temple at around 200 in the Mahalaxmi temple. Though the earthquake was undermined, the emperor of the 13th and 14th centuries, the emperors of Mohammedia, left much of the rest. The temple of Mahalakshmi Amma is still standing without a threat.

Mahalakshmi Temple History

The Mahalakshmi Amman Temple is located in a very wide courtyard. The fort is surrounded by a walled wall. The fort is surrounded by a walled wall. There is a lot of small and big temples on the inner side of the campus around the campus. Mahalaxmi Ammavari Temple was built amidst the campus. The Mahalakshmi plant is facing west. There is a mandap in front of the temple of Amma. On the other side of it, there are the Mahakali Temple Kolhapur on the north and the Saraswati Temple in the south. There is a long loft opposite the temple.

There is a thin narrow pathway to Amman’s hut. The temple has a six-foot flat. The statue of Amma on a pedestal with two feet high on the platform is in a standing posture. The three-foot-tall figure is pretty attractive. The stone Sri chakram is placed in a separate room and is worshiped. Amma has golden sessions. The Navratri festival is the main festival of the temple. Particularly Ashwuja Shukla Panchami is the fifth day of great celebration.

mahalakshimi temple
mahalakshimi temple

On that day, the devotee of the Ammavaru is taken to the temple of ‘Thamblai’ Amma Temple, which is 5 miles east of the city, which is considered to be the sister of Mahalakshmi Amman. On one day, the word for the sake of Edom, Thamblai Aligi went away from sister and stayed in the back. In the days of Navratri, Mahalakshmi Amma of the fifth day is going to visit herself and see her sister.

There is also a great festival here on the day of Chaitra Poornima. On that day, the celebration of the Mahalakshmi is celebrated throughout the city. Every day, from March 21 to 3 days, from September 21 to 3 days, from the tabernacle of the windows of sunlight, touch the feet of Amman. Since these sun rays fall in the evening, this event is known as the golden bath.

There are small temples around Dattatreya Vidhoba, Kashi Vishweshwar, Sri Rama, Radha Krishna, etc. around the temple premises. The Yellamma Temple is a kilometer away from the east of the city. Their belief is that the unmarried children will soon marry if they are worshiped by his mother. Jyotibha Temple is located at a distance of 18 km from the city of Kolhapur. Apart from having a major Jyothibhaa statue under one cup, Rukmini Devi and Mahadev are separate pregnancies.

The architectural style of the temple is bizarre, the angles are angles, almost the stellar. This Jyotibaa is known to be the brother of Kolhapur Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi was in solitary confinement in Kolhapur and he went to Badrinath and prayed to Vishudha Murthy. Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwari’s linga form is here.

Mahalakshmi temple timings

Morning 6.00 a.m. to evening 10.00 p.m.

Mahalakshmi temple address

k.k marg, Royal Western India Turf Club,
Mahalakshmi Nagar,
Maharastra – 400034.

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