Mahabaleshwar Temple
Mahabaleshwar Temple

Mahabaleshwar Temple: The Gokarna temple is situated in the northern Kannada direct of Karnataka and it is 545 K.m. away from Bengaluru. The Swamy of the temple is Mahabaleshwar temple and the deity is Tamra Gouri. According to our Ancestors, this is a sanctified shrine. This Mahabaleshwar temple of Lord Shiva has known as Gokarna temple also.

Mahabaleshwar temple (Gokarna temple) History

Mahabaleshwar temple, Gokarna: Ravanasura made a great penance in Tretayuga and satisfied Lord Siva and brought Atma Lina to the earth. Lord Shiva warned Ravanasura while giving Atma Linga(Mahabaleshwar temple) that according to its dharma, the Atma Linga (Mahabaleshwar temple) if it is placed on earth, It will be established there and could not be moved. Ravana wished to established Atma Linga (Gokarna temple) in Sri Lanka. All the celestials approached and prayed Lord Vishnu. Then the Lord Vishnu with the power of his Maya caused the early appearance of the sunset. Then Ravana thinking that sunset tried to start evening prayer to the Sun-God.

gokarna temple
gokarna temple

On the advice of sage Narada, Lord Vinayaka appeared as a Brahmin Boy before Ravana and took Atma Linga (Gokarna temple) from him and said that he calls that Ravana three times and if he does not come, he will place it on earth. So did Vinayaka in the guise of a Brahmin Boy. Ravana vainly tried to pull up the Atma Linga (Gokarna temple) but it did not come out but elongated like the ear of a cow (Gokarna). Then the Lord Siva took pity on Ravana and advised him to pray the Linga there which has become secret.

There a Mahabaleshwar temple was built facing West and having the Atma-Linga (Gokarna temple) of Lord Siva. Even a strong person like Ravana could not pull the Linga out, it has become famous as the Mahabaleshwar temple. Since half of the linga lying above the earth is the Atma Linga (Gokarna temple) of Lord Siva, on the four sides of it are placed stones one above the other. On the topmost stone is arranged a hole in the shape of the ear of the cow (Gokarna) through which if we place our hand, we can touch the end part of Atma Linga (Gokarna temple). The stone which is like Gokarna is four feet square.

In the Mahabaleshwar temple, Devotees can make Abhishekam by sitting around the stone. Once in 60 years, the stones around the Atma Linga (Gokarna temple) are removed and devotees will have the Darshan of Atma Linga (Gokarna temple) in the shape of a Nail-Screw to commemorate the event, great festivities are done. Lakhs of devotees come from the four corners of India and attend the celebration. On the Pithadipathis attend the function in Mahabaleshwar temple. Science it is performed once in 60 years, many people will not have the opportunity to attend the function in their lifetime. So the priests of the shrine are thinking of arranging the function once in 12 years.

Gokarna Ganesh Temple
Gokarna Ganesh Temple

After entering the Mahabaleshwar temple we find the temple of Vinayaka on the right side. Ravanasura gave a blow with his fist on the head of Vinayaka and as an evidence there lies a dent on his head. All the devotees can touch the Vinayaka, can make abhisheka and paste the dent in the head of Vinayaka with butter. There are two more temples of Patta Ganapati and Kethaki Ganapati. After having the darshan of Vinayaka devotees can have the darshan of Mahabaleswara temple. Parvathi Devi came in search of Lord Shiva who is in the shape of Atma Linga (Gokarna temple) and stayed their permanently.

Hence there is the temple of Parvati Devi also in Mahabaleshwar temple. In those times, this place was called Tamra peak. Hence the deity is called Tamra Gouri. There are also temples of Bhadrakali and Koti Thirdam. In the area of Gokarna, there are flowers in shape of Naga-Linga. Those flowers are preferred in the worship of Lord Siva. The Gokarna temple became famous as earthly Kailasa (Bhukailasa). After Kashi Vishwanath, Gokarna Mahabaleshwar temple is famous for having more power and granting boons.

Gokarna Main Temple
Gokarna Main Temple

First having holy both in Koti Theerdha and secondly in the sea and after that having the darshan of the Mahabaleshwar temple Swamy is in accordance the code and method of the Mahabaleshwar temple. After having a bath in the sea, taking sea-water in a pot and making Abishekam to the Lord is another method.

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Mahabaleshwar temple (Gokarna temple) Address

Koti Teertha Road,
Karnataka 581326

Phone: 083862 57956

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