Dhanwanthari temple
Dhanwanthari temple

The Dhanwanthari Temple is located at Nelluvayya village, 9 km away from Wadakkan Cherry Railway in the east of Kerala, Ernakulam. The temple is known as the oldest temple. Historians believe that the temple was built almost 3500 years ago. Vaikunta Ekadasinadu is a beautiful prayer in the temple. It is blessed with a mixture of turmeric, pepper, curd, and salt. It seems to be a drug.

It was originally a Shiva Temple that was worshiped only by Lord Shiva. Thereafter, the Dhanwanthari Murthy was also installed. From that time it is known as the Dhanwanthari Temple. Immediately makes all the illnesses away. This field has become a sacred pilgrimage for millions of patients seeking sickness. The god in the temple is facing west. The miscarriage is molded with copper. The Swami has four arms in this temple.

Dhanwanthari temple images
Dhanwanthari temple images

Dhanwanthari temple History

Earlier, the king who ruled Travancore (Kerala) region had suffered severe stomach ailments for some time. The health of many well-known doctors has not been cured. Finally, the king of the present Dhanvantari temple is the Brahmins and the Namboodiris of the Palmanthol dynasty. When the royal temples came to Namboodri’s house, there were only one woman and her son.

The Namboodiri is the only qualification that can be used to treat the king. By then the child was not able to get used to. After praying for 12 days in the temple, the women will tell you that your king can come and heal. Later on, the advice of the mother, the son made prays with devotion for 12 days in the Shiva temple of their family.

On the night of the 12th day Lord Parameshvara came to the worshiping priest in the form of an elderly saint and put three drug cartridges in his hand and the three capsules swallow stomach pain by the king. That way, he could have reduced the disease. Then the king will give you lot of money. But you do not take that money. You ask the king I want Dhanvantari statue which is in the flowing river in Thamravarni. Then the old monk walked away saying that the statue was placed next to the Shiva Linga.

The boy told him to take the cartridges given by him and go to the king and put them in the hands of the king. The king used the baby cartridges that the boy was deemed to be God. Immediately stomach pain decreased. As the monk asked, he asked Dhanvati’s idol. When the king was happy and brought the Gaza swimmers, he brought Dhanvantari statue out of the river and sent it to the boy. The boy placed it in the Shiva Temple. Still, today that clan is recognized as Ayurvedic medicine. That is why Kerala has topped Ayurveda in India.

The temple is held in the name of Vaikunta Ekadasi “Nelluvaya Ekadasi”. These festivals take place throughout the month. On this occasion, Ayurveda and allopathic doctors in the state of Kerala also visit this Dhanvati God and get the blessings of the Swami.

Dhanwanthari Temple Timings

05.00 am – Temple Opens
06.00 am – Usha pooja
08.00 am – Pandeeradi pooja
10.30 am – Uchapooja

Temple will be closed between 11.00 am to 5.00 pm and reopens at 5.00 pm

05.00 pm – Temple opens for evening poojas
06.00 pm – Deeparadhana
07.30 pm – Athazha Pooja
08.00 pm – Temple Closes

Dhanwanthari Temple Address 

Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple,
Nelluvai (P.O),
Erumapetty (Via),
Thrissur – 680584
Ph: 04885-264269


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