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Lord Siva Patan

Shiva Temple, Patan, Gujarat State

Shiva temple...There are so many Siva temples in India. In Karteek mas one month they have a special day for all Siva temples. A lot of people go to Siva temples and visit Lord...
Lord Mangesh

Mangueshi Temple In Goa State

Mangueshi temple ...Mangueshi temple is situated at a distance of 5.k.m from Ponda in Goa. This is the oldest Siva temple lying in between hills. In all Siva temples, Siva looks in Linga form. But, in...
mahalakshmi temple kolhapur

Mahalakshmi Temple Shakti Peeth in Maharashtra

Mahalakshmi Temple, Meeraj is a junction station on the railway line from Hubli in Karnataka to Pune in Maharashtra. Kolhapur is about 48 km west of Meeraj. Not only in Maharashtra, Kolhapur is one of the...